Meet the Team

Akos Fredua-Mensah

Akos Fredua-Mensah

Programme Officer

About our Business Advisors

Our advisory board is composed of experts in the fields of business, education and government policy. It includes consultants, directors and trustees - many with a specialist background in youth policy, fundraising and mentoring. They meet with our senior directors on a monthly basis to review our growth as a social enterprise and offer their unique guidance and support.

Meet our Business Advisors

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James is founder and Director of Young Voices Heard which aims to mobilise youth voice and influence in society.


Campaigner, consultant, fundraiser, Youth Policy Advisor and mentor. Former CEO of the British Youth Council/UK Youth Parliament, and Head of Dept. at Prince’s Trust.


2-3 Degrees believes in young people. It represents hope for their future, empowering them to believe in themselves, to thrive in society for the benefit of all.”

James Cathcart

James Cathcart

Meet the Facilitators

Inside the facilitator team is where the magic happens! They pride themselves on fun, engaging and dynamic delivery with young people, and they are responsible for ensuring the young person’s experience is inspiring, motivational and worthwhile.

When coming to our workshops, these are some of the smiley faces you will meet:

Frazer Simpkins

Meet Frazer, our Facilitator and Curriculum Lead.

Originally from Nottingham, Frazer started his career by qualifying and practising as a primary school teacher in Yorkshire. From there, he developed his facilitation experience in roles across London and the south coast, delivering workshops and programmes to young people and professionals across a variety of education and professional settings.

Frazer is passionate about creating and delivering workshops that are tactile and dynamic, drawing on his own experiences as a part of the forgotten middle to help young people to develop their personal development skills.

Favourite music genre: Indie Rock
Favourite word: Idiosyncrasies
Favourite icebreaker: Splategories

Amaarah Roze

Meet Amaarah, our Workshop Coordinator and Facilitator.

Based in South East London, Amaarah has worked across the country amplifying the voices of young people and adults in every way she can. Alongside her work at 2-3 Degrees, she works as a freelance host, producer and actress.

Amaarah is passionate about creating open, engaging spaces where young people can learn from each other and develop who they are. Her favourite word is fun. She believes that people learn best when they’re enjoying themselves and carries this into every workshop.

Favourite music genre: Neo Soul
Favourite word: Onomatopoeic
Favourite game: Zip Zap Boing

Carl Konadu

Meet Carl, our CEO and co-founder.

With Ghanaian heritage, Carl was born and bred in South East London, and has over a decade of experience when it comes to working with young people. He is a mentor, speaker and, most recently, was recognised by HRH Queen in the 2020 New Years Honours List with a BEM for his contributions to disadvantaged young people during the pandemic.

Carl has delivered two TEDx talks, (TEDx Whitehall Women 2015 & TEDx Peckham 2017) and loves delivering engaging and fun workshops that inspire young people to grow in key personal development areas such as leadership, identity and learning how to deal with failure.

Although Carl doesn’t get to deliver as many sessions as he used to, he still loves it when he gets the opportunity to do what he does best!

Favourite music genre: Gospel & Hip Hop/Rap
Favourite word: Specificities
Favourite icebreaker: Word Association

Azzees Minott

Meet Azzees, co-founder and COO of 2-3 Degrees.

Azzees grew up in East London and went to University in Coventry to study International Relationships and Politics. She is an experienced speaker and has been featured on ITV, BBC, Channel 4 and Sky News where she has generally spoken out on issues related to politics, young people, social and racial equalities.

Azzees was a Political Advisor and Researcher to senior elected politicians in the Greater London Authority for over three years, covering London’s housing, policing and the economy portfolio. She moved on to become an Area Manager in the Housing and Land team, working to unlock large housing and transport projects. She also volunteered as a committee member in the staff equality diversity and inclusion group.

Azzees is passionate about problem solving and uses her skill-set to help 2-3 Degrees improve its efficiency and operations. On the odd occasion when Azzees gets into a room to facilitate young people or employers she provides a dynamic, passionate and highly engaging experience!

Favourite TV genre: Reality shows and thrillers
Favourite food: Any apple dessert
Favourite icebreaker: Numbers



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