The Problem...

Teachers have told us that they recognise young people are increasingly...

Lacking motivation and have low aspiration

Young people need positive mindset and resilience training

Not fully engaged in education or in class

Young people need access to relatable role models

Not sure of their skills and future direction

Young people need development of key life skills, communication and self-esteem.

What we've done

Over 2000 young people inspired and motivated for their future

100% of teachers and support staff would recommend our service to other schools and organisations

93% young people developed positive mindset during our workshop

87% young people said they learnt a practical life skill that they could use for their future

How we work

  • We use activity based learning to improve students attitudes to education, confidence and resilience to life.
  • Our dynamic, fun and engaging workshops develop a growth mindset through our personal development curriculum.
  • The facilitators inspire and motivate young people by using real life experiences they can relate to.