People always ask ‘what does 2-3 Degrees mean?’

We respond by saying “now you know what we do, what do you think it means?”
… think about it for a sec before you scroll down.




Have a look below to see if your thoughts were similar to what other people have said:

‘It reminds me of the 6 degrees of separation theory but I guess smaller.”

“All I can think of is cold, or temperature”

“You said you both met at university, so it that how many Degrees you have each?”

“Erm, global warming. They say if the world heats up by 2 more degrees then we’ll be in big problems”

“Two of you who created the business?”




For us 2-3 Degrees means…

If you imagine the angle of 2-3 Degrees, it’s really small (check a protractor if you don’t believe us) and we believe everything that you need for your development is within reach. So just like the small angle, the next book that you read,  person that you meet, or change you need to make is within your reach. These new small positive actions can be what helps you improve and get to that better grade, new job or new feeling that you’re after.


In our workshops…
We hope that our participants leave with at LEAST two or three practical actions that they can apply in their lives.