As part of the Positive Futures Fund, 2-3 Degrees has launched the Success Only Programme.

This is an exciting confidence, self-esteem and employment programme for young people 14-25 from Southwark.

The programme will inspire young people to think about their futures, build the key skills they need to develop their confidence and engage with employers.

Using our activity-based workshops, delivered by role-models and peer-trainers, we inspire and motivate young people to access new opportunities and take action to further their interest in educational achievement, training and employment.

Additionally, we work with youth people to remove barriers and build relationships with employers, by visiting diverse workplaces, meeting employers and providing work experience opportunities. 

We’re still looking for great businesses to get involved and help us improve opportunities for young people through lots of different ways such as mentoring, running workshops, sponsorship etc. 

How to get involved

If you are a parent or guardian and want to find out more for your child, or young person please contact Tamanna:

If you are an employer interested in being part of this programme complete this form to find out more.

If you are a youth club interested in providing your young people with this opportunity the  please direct your young people to one of the workshops below

Events Calendar

Young people need to sign up and attend all of the workshops provided over the school holidays.

February Half Term 

All of these workshops will take place at The Dixon Hotel close to Tower Bridge. 

We will cover travel and food on the day. Please remind young people to bring travel receipts. 

Monday 17th February 10-4pm

Tuesday 18th 10-4pm

Wednesday 19th February 10-4pm

Sign up via Eventbrite here