We deliver a dynamic and engaging experience to our participants from education, community, professional and sporting backgrounds.

Our services are:

  • Workshops
  • Programmes
  • Motivational talks

All of our programmes are tailored to reach the objectives and needs of the people that you work with.

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Motivational talks


Transition Years (Yr 6,7,9,11)

A workshop that builds character and develops the resilience participants need when transitioning through change 

Mastering Communication

A workshop that improves verbal and non-verbal communication to help improve behaviour towards others and better their employment prospects

Creating Opportunities

A workshop that helps participants develop an understanding of the importance of goal setting and encourages them to be proactive in working towards their goals. By taking up volunteering or social action.

Aspiring to Excellence

A workshop to help ‘middle’ ability students realise their potential and achieve great academic results with exam and revision prep techniques

A Head Student

A workshop to give participants practical advice and skills on how to move ahead and achieve great results in school

Employability & Higher Education

A workshop that helps participants realise their goals and navigate through professional environments 

'Fail’ Big

A workshop that helps participants build their resilience develop the understanding that failure is not permanent, instead it is a stepping stone to success

Growth Mindset

A workshop to build understanding about the power of the mind to help students become a happier, more resilient and focused individual

Team Building

A workshop that helps participants develop key skills for working in a team

The Woman Within

A woman’s and girls empowerment workshop to strengthen the character, self-love and confidence of the participants 

Who am I? (Success and High Achievers)

A workshop for students that are high achievers and need to develop skills that help them deal with the pressures and expectations set by teachers, parents, etc.