February 2021 Programme

Mastering my Future is an employability programme for young people aged 14-25 in Westminster. With the support of Young Westminster Foundation, 2-3 Degrees alongside our delivery partners, Westminster Befriend a Family and Inspire!, we have created a programme which offers free workshops, virtual work experience and mentoring. The programme is designed to raise the young people’s awareness of the employability opportunities available to them and help them build the necessary skills in confidence, self-esteem and communication to engage with leading employers.

February 15-18 2021 | SIGN UP HERE!

Mastering my Future is a virtual employability programme with the aims to provide information and opportunities about employment but also to inspire and motivate young people in Westminster with the confidence and self-esteem to improve their employability opportunities.

There are 71,000 young people in Westminster (28.7% of the population) and over ¼ of them said they felt anxious about their future, their job opportunities, housing & the rich/poor gap.

The Mastering My Future Programme will be delivered through interactive and engaging workshops, work experience and mentoring opportunities, which will develop positive interactions between the young people in the Borough and employers

We’re also working with schools and youth clubs in the area. 

How to get involved

If you are a parent or guardian and want to find out more for your child, or young person please contact Julia: julia@2-3degrees.com 

If you are an employer interested in being part of this programme please contact Julia: julia@2-3degrees.com 

If you are a youth club interested in providing your young people with this opportunity the  please direct your young people to one of the workshops below

Past Events 2019/20

February 2020

All of the workshops will take place at the Addison Lee HQ. We will cover travel expenses and food.

Tuesday 18th February 10-4pm
Wednesday 19th February 10-4pm
Thursday 20th February 10-4pm

August 2020 (online)
10 – 21 August 2020

October 2020 – Kickstart Your Career (online)
26-30 October 2020