Invite one of our 2-3 Degrees speakers in to your school or organisation for a school assembly or year group talk. Our speakers use their personal stories that young people can relate to, to help motivate and inspire them to create positive futures. 

Azzees Minott

Azzees is a charming and engaging speaker who’s inspiring words have touched young people globally through her roles in politics, youth empowerment and entrepreneurship.

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Carl Konadu

Carl is one of the UK’s most exciting motivational speakers and a leader within his community. Carl breaks down traditional personal development into relevant and meaningful content for millennials and key audiences. He has gained a large following online with his motivational videos and public speaking. 

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Fadumo Olow

Fadumo Olow is an eternal optimist, youth empowerment advocate and public speaker. Fadumo has inspired girls and young people all over the UK as the lead for her youth club, keynote speaker at conferences and serial volunteer.

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