Housing Associations

We support Housing Associations that connect with young people through their community programmes. We deliver workshops that give young people the confidence and awareness to get involved in social action projects and volunteering for their local community.

Clients include Clarion Housing and Peabody Housing Association.

Youth Organisations

We support youth clubs, youth groups, charities and companies that want to develop the communication, goal setting and aspirations of the young people that they work with. 

Clients include: Young Women’s Trust, Mayor of London’s Peer Outreach team, NCS, Skyway Youth Club and many more.

Sports Organisations

We train and empower young athletes and sports players to develop the mental resilience needed to help them achieve success. 

Clients include: Youth Sport Trust, Sporting Equals, Track Academy and many more.

Local Councils

We train youth leaders and Council apprentices to develop essential skills such as confidence, communication and team building to help them flourish in both their professional and personal lives.

Clients include: Swale District Council, Southwark and Croydon Council

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