Our Beginning

In second year of university we (Azzees Minott and Carl Konadu) began to realise that we did not have the soft skills needed to forge successful lives.  Everywhere we turned we constantly heard that graduate unemployment was on the rise and that students, despite their academic attainment, needed more experience. This constant information left us confused and unsure about our futures.

We started researching ways that we could separate ourselves from other graduates and ensure that once we left university we were employable. We started watching and reading motivational content that helped us realise that even though we were young undergraduates we had the potential to secure great futures. Developing confidence in our innate ability was an essential component to help us on our journey of personal development.

Then, we started attending networking events and worked on building useful contacts and experience. We worked on improving our oral presentation skills, virtual profiles and focused on how best to learn, study and achieve outstanding academic grades. Upon finishing university we used these learnt behaviours and techniques to secure prestigious employment opportunities.

It’s these vital tools and techniques that helped us realise the gap in the education system. So we decided to use the skills and tools that we developed along this journey to start 2-3 Degrees.2-3-degrees

About our sessions

Having been educated in the UK from nursery through to degree level, we have direct experience of the positives and negatives of the current education system and both argue that the skills young people leave school with become dormant as soon as they step into the world of employment and adult life.

2-3 Degrees was born from a shared understanding that when you equip your mind with the right tools, you can build the life you want. Through this philosophy we use personal experiences, lessons learned and innovative techniques to educate and inspire our peers and the next generation.

We work with schools, colleges and universities to inspire and equip young people with the power to make positive decisions through talks and workshops. Using activity based learning we help young people build practical tools and skills for their personal development.