So you’ve finished school, it’s time to step out into the big wide world! You’ve been getting ‘educated’ since you were 5 years old and could barely even speak. In those 11 years of education, you’ve been through Maths, English, Science and a whole bunch of subjects that you’ve been told will prepare you for the real world. Hmm, well let’s see…

Now that you know that 3.14 really means ‘pie’ and you’ve learnt how to use a compass and protractor, you’ve got the mathematical skills to run a business right? Errm, nope.

Okay, maybe not, but at least we know that your ability to analyse Shakespeare and re-intepret text from 100’s of years ago will help you become a top journalist and write the most spectacular articles for the worlds top newspapers? Nope again.

Hmmm, okay how about this. You studied History and your ability to remember all of Henry VIII wives in the correct order (including how many kids he had with each one), is going to help you discover new facts and figures from histories greatest wars? Nope, wrong again

This is exactly why we created 2-3 Degrees…

We want young people to develop the type of skills that they will actually use when they finish school. It’s wonderful that many people young people can recite classics like Of Mice and Men and even Macbeth, but how many of them know how to deal with failure? How many know young people know how to make the best first impressions when meeting a potential employer? Or even how to shake someone’s hand!?

We’re here because we want young people to create the exact life they want when they finish school and we want them to be the writers of their own story. So join us as we take this journey to change the world, one school, youth organisation and business at a time.

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