Why South East London?

Why South East London?

“I knew that if I was ever going to start a business to help people I would want to support the community I was raised in, which is – south east London. It’s just as simple as that!

Role models and wise words from just a handful of positive people helped me to become the man I am today, a mentor, motivational speaker and life coach. 

Today’s generation have it much harder than I did and social media and negative influences has a big part to play in that. More and more young people are feel overwhelmed with the lives they see on the screen and can’t understand how education can help them to be successful.  

It’s important for your young people to physically see and meet other positive young people sharing relatable stories, from communities they know. At 2-3 Degrees to encourage young people to aim higher, be better and work hard to achieve their dreams.” – Cofounder Carl Konadu

P.s. We are still working with schools all across the UK but want to provide a discounted opportunity to schools and community groups in south. 

Schools and community groups we have already worked with:

Ark Globe Academy

Haberdashers’ Aske’s Knights Academy 

Sacred Heart Catholic School

The Charter School East Dulwich

Get a 10% discount on your first booking if your school is based in South East London

Services brochure for south east London schools 

We understand the complex needs of the young people growing up in this community. 

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